Alaska Bear Viewing Tours

Experience our fully guided Alaska Bear Tours into the pristine wilderness in Lake Clark National Park. You’ll see Alaska brown bears up close and undisturbed in their natural habitat. Take a walk with us on the wild side with our experienced Alaska bear tour guides as they lead you along easy walking trails into the most stunning and beautiful places on earth. Watch Lake Clark National Park brown bears feeding on marsh grasses and salmon, playing, mating, and doing all the other antics bears are known for. On average we see anywhere from 12-40 bears on each of our Bear Viewing Tours.

Alaska bear viewing tours with captain Mike Patterson

Epic Bear Viewing in Alaska!

Your adventure starts by crossing beautiful Cook Inlet by boat, you will experience the opportunity to view whales, porpoises, sea otters and other marine life, you will see the “ring of fire” with several volcanoes as the landscape of Cook Inlet.

You will arrive in Lake Clark National Park and go to shore to start your bear Viewing adventure. You will see anywhere from 5-30 plus bears and have the opportunity of some close encounters.

Watch Alaska Bears Up Close in Their Natural Habitat!

Beautiful and nomadic, Alaskan brown bears are the ultimate symbol of wild Alaska. Your bear guides are well versed in Bear behavior and safety. You will have the opportunity for some close encounters that offer amazing photo opportunities of Alaska Coastal Brown Bears in their natural habitat.

May thru July, the brown bears are predominantly feeding on tidal sedge grasses along with razor clams on the beach at low tide. Come late July, bears start moving to the rivers to feed on salmon thru the end of the season in Mid-September.

Bear Watching Tours in Alaska at lake Clark National Park

Alaska Bear Viewing by Boat To Alaska’s Lake Clark National Park

Unlike many bear other tour companies who use airplanes, we travel by boat from either Homer or Anchor Point, Alaska. You’ll ride in safety and comfort in our fast fully enclosed 32′ offshore boat to access some of the most epic and stunning beauty Alaska can offer.

Enjoy a 2 hour boat ride that crosses beautiful Cook Inlet to take you on the majestic Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. This scenic boat ride across the inlet provides the potential to view marine sea life which includes orca, mink, Gray and Humpback whales, sea otters, seasonal marine birds including horned and tufted puffins. You can see all this on your way to our Alaskan Bear Viewing Tour destination.

Chinitna Bay is surrounded by panoramic views of a chain of volcanoes called the “Ring of Fire”. Mt. Douglas, Mt. Augustine, Mt. Illiamna and Mt. Redoubt tower all around Chinitna Bay bay where we stop to watch bears. Once we reach our location you will disembark the vessel and go to shore with an English speaking and forth generation Alaskan guide who will educate you on brown bear behavior.

Bears in this area start emerging from their dens as early as late March, most bears emerge April to early May depending on a early or late spring which contributes to available food sources.

Right after emerging they start feeding on anything available winter kills, beached marine life dig for clams and grasses which will be the predominate food source in Chinitna Bay until the Salmon arrive in mid-July. From mid-July until early September bears will be congregated mostly around the Salmon spawning Rivers.


We are upgrading our boat and will now offer charters on a brand new North River 33’ by 10’ ocean boat. This amazing boat will be powered by twin 300 Yamaha outboards and will be equipped with a 1242 Garmin chart plotter and radar. It will also be outfitted with a Furuno nave net bathermetric data plotter as well as a Deplorable Ebirp and life raft. This will greatly enhance our capabilities as well as our clients comfort and safety and allow us to take up to 8 people at a time.

Brown Bear Density in Lake Clark National Park

Biologist have counted as many as 217 brown bears in a 50 square mile area along the exact same coast our Alaska bear tour takes us. These bears are considered Alaska Peninsula Brown bears which are as large as Kodiak brown bears. Females are typically 250 to 800 pounds and males range from 300 to 1,500 pounds. We typically see 20 plus brown bear a day in Lake Clark National Park. We will see other animals other than brown bears; we have the opportunity to see wolves,moose,fox,cyotes and dozens of different species of shore birds.

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